Do I Really Need To Replace My Windows?

There’s some reason why you’re even considering the replacement of your windows. Usually, homeowners notice something that doesn’t seem right and it falls into these simple things:

  1. Can’t open or close the window
  2. Broken window pane
  3. Foggy window
  4. Wind draft or drastic temperature shift (cold or hot)
  5. Moisture collection
  6. Leaky window (rain/snow gets in)

If the appearance of the window is the greatest concern you have, and money is tight, then don’t replace the window, just arrange, sand, paint, and go on. If the window frame paint is baked into the metal, then that’s another consideration all together, but consider painting if possible. It’s the least expensive step and if you mess up, then you do have an obvious reason to purchase a replacement window.

Checklist To Evaluate Replacement Windows or Repair Windows

Here’s a check list to help you evaluate if replacement is better than repair:

  1. Have you lost all patience with the old windows? Are they a burden to your mind?

If every time there a change in the weather (temperature or moisture or wind) gets you mad at your old windows, it may be worth the peace of mind to address the matter.

boarded window trash

  • Sticking or completely impossible to open, lift, or glide a window can become more than an annoyance. If you find yourself not even wanting to touch the window all though you and your family need ventilation, is it really wise to ignore the nuisance?
  • Broken pane or cracking, peeling frame seems to be all you notice every time you try to look through your window.
  • Cleaning doesn’t clear the foggy window. Is it more a chore to try to clean the window rather than replace the pane? Sometimes the vacuum on a double or triple pane window can be damaged and there’s no amount of cleaning that will repair it.
  • Condensation regularly forms on, in, or around the window. Anyone knows something like that is going to lead to mold and mildew. It can’t be healthy for you.
  1. If you cover it up, will they still be a bother?

Maybe shutters would be less expensive and help the windows without having to replace them?

  • Does that just gloss over the problem or solve it? Will the problems begin to grow, now without your direct view to the condition of the window? It’s not always a matter of out of sight, out of mind, when you finally discover the repair is even more because you waited.
  • Blocking the view of the window and through the window seems to completely defeat the reason for there to be window at all. Maybe you ought to just seal up the wall? At least consider security more for escaping than intruders coming in. There are horrible stories told every year of homeowners unable to escape the fire or the harm due to sealed windows.
  • If you have single pane windows (very popular in prior years for builders to install at a low price and the homeowner doesn’t realize what is happening), at least consider double pane for the energy savings, the thermal barrier, and the comfort seal.
  • Wood or vinyl window inserts are so close to the cost of a brand new window, you really need to think about what’s best for you and your budget and your comfort.
  1. Can’t you salvage some value of the old window just by repairing parts?

There is always a way to keep going on with what you have. We always seem to count the cost of new, without considering what if it really costs us more to hang on to the old.double pane corner cut out of window

  • Wooden frame windows can lose their strength through wood rot. They constantly need to be caulked and painted, usually only after having removed the previous layer of the same from years before. You may want these replaced at least.
  • If you have a casement window (with cranks), you could consider replacing the cranks. Just make sure it’s not also the worn out hinges or bent frames that will discovered later and you find yourself rebuilding the entire window for more than a replacement would have been altogether.
  • Do you really think the fogging between double paned windows can be fixed? You can certainly pay someone who says they can reset the vacuum seal, but have you ever tried to blow up a burst balloon a second time? Is it worth the effort?
  • The vast difference between repair and replace is attempting to match the window, brand, and parts. There’s a reason why manufacturers build new windows. They plan on the old ones not having any parts made to repair them. You’ll have to scavenge about to see what you can do. Do you have the time and patience and money to do that?

To Sum Up

In truth, you may be able to salvage some more use of your current windows. Maybe you’re about to move and you’re the type of person to pass on to the buyer the problems you know you have with the home. (You could deliberately set a lower price to salve your conscience; or you could repair or solve the problems with the home and have the buyer pay a fair price rather than buy your problems.)

Maybe your budget is tight and you just have to do what you have to do. The question is, do you spend your hard earned cash on windows that keep costing you money in energy loss and comfort or security concerns?

The easiest replacement is to buy an insert that fits within your current window after you have the sash and trim removed. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and you don’t have the inclination to spend the time to learn, then you really need to call on us to provide the least expensive, longest lasting remedy to your window pains. (that’s a twist with a little humor).

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