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Onsite Inspection and Free Estimate

We always approach your needs from your perspective. That requires us to come to you. To be on your premises. It also means we need your input.

The reason why you call us is because of our training and expertise. You’ve decided or at least want confirmation that it is time to replace your windows. You expect us to know more about window replacement than you do. We know you know more about your home, your comfort, and your security than we do. Because of this, we need to hear you, see your need, and provide you our best advice.

Our professional training will point out to you a few things you may not see and we can certainly offer you the most up to date resources available to meet and solve your need, not just for today but for many years to come.

You will have no need to worry. We don’t do anything until you say it’s what you want to do. 

Our onsite visits include:

  1. Agreed upon time to arrive.
  2. Prompt arrival.
  3. Comprehensive visit to hear your need directly from you.
  4. Thorough inspection both inside and outside to meet all your needs.
  5. Review of other windows or window replacement need you may care to include in the visit.
  6. Written estimate of work to be performed.
  7. Written work schedule agreeing with your busy life schedule.
  8. Assurance your choices of product and quality meet your budget.

We want your satisfaction even before the work begins. We will strive to meet and exceed that satisfaction through every step of the work.

We stay on top of the most advanced techniques and products available for your comfort, security, and savings.

It’s just another typical visit, all in a day’s work for our window replacement specialists and your best window replacement installers from anywhere.

This is a FREE estimate.

We know what it’s like to get a lot of information all at once and feel the pressure to decide. That’s not our way to relate to our customers.

Time does make a difference to some factory discounts or sales. We don’t play games. If it is going to effect a price, we’ll tell you. If it’s not, we’ll wait with you.

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