How You Can Be Sure In Your Own Home That Replacement Windows Pay For Themselves

We’ve all heard the sales pitch “You’ll save enough on your utility bills to pay for the window installation in no time at all.”


Before you finish reading this article you will have your own provable answer for yourself, but let me point out a few things that would even make you want to be patient enough to read the rest of this article.

Why should I believe saving on utility bills would be true for any window replacement?

Two reasons right off the top:

  1. The government has extended tax benefits to homeowners who purchase and install some ENERGY STAR products…window replacements are just some of the ENERGY STAR products. (Don’t forget, ENERGY STAR is not the name of a manufacturer or a company. ENERGY STAR is a qualification of sorts that the government recognizes due to a few guidelines imposed on the product itself (there are several, but here are three):
    1. It can be proven that the product reduces energy consumption as compared to other similar products.
    2. The means by which the energy consumption is reduced can not be a monopolized experience…it can generally be experienced with other products.
    3. The energy savings must be achieved within a reasonable time period.
  2. If you didn’t catch it, any ENERGY STAR product must prove it does save energy consumption…so if your utility bill is calculated upon how much or how little energy you consume (I don’t know any utility bill that is based on anything else), then it’s already a proven fact that ENERGY STAR products will reduce your monthly cost. If you add all the monthly savings up, then you will be making up for the cost of a window replacement.


That’s the real question and until I did some research I didn’t know that you really could know, especially before you laid down the cash and lived with the install past any chance to get your money back. 

I had heard the same spiel (sales pitch) that you’ve probably heard, “An ENERGY STAR home window replacement for a single-pane saves between $150 to $450 annually and a double pane replacement saves between $35 and $100 dollars a year.

Fine, but how could I really know that for my specific home in my specific state with my specific constructional framework and located north, south, east, or west; front, back, or side; with the heating and cooling system I have in my house. There were just too many variables for me to be able to believe for certain I was going to save money on a window replacement installation.

RESFEN was the answer to my question and it can be for your answer, too.

The truth is, I’ve never been able to find out what RESFEN stands for…my guess is Residential Energy Savings, something, something, something. I really didn’t care as long as it could provide me reasonable assurance in calculating any savings I might get before I paid for any window replacements. It did!

RESFEN turns out to be the industry standard software to calculate any real savings from cooling and heating costs in your own home. Not only that, but you can download it to your own computer for free. It’s the same downloadable online accessed (just put RESFEN in any search engine and you’ll find it) computer program used to calculate the ENERGY STAR criteria for utility savings.

Here’s what you can do. Download RESFEN and plug in your very own information. Just dial in your average climate temperature ranges, the floor size even of the room the window is installed for, the utility monthly costs, the spike periods of high heat and crazy cold spells and how much natural shade or sunlight comes through the window. It calculates all of it when you include the exact info available for the window replacement unit you plan to install.

No kidding. You can know how much savings if you change out 1 window or a whole house load of windows. You can know just for your own home, just for your own choice of window.

Now, that’s crazy good information that will help any of us make a well calculated decision.

I will break even on the purchase and installation of a double hung, double pane 36 x 46 inch window replacement in my 10 x 19 feet living room that faces west in an average climate of 79 degrees in another 6 months and I’ll actually start saving money from there on out. That’s actually a full month shorter than the RESFEN program calculated.

That’s with untreated, clear glass replacement windows I got installed from HWReplacement Pros .

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