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The Real Cost To Replacement Window Installation

A replacement window can be purchased at a big box home improvement store for under $200.

Let’s just talk about a single window installation. Current environmental reports tell us that a cheap installation wastes energy costs as high as $200 a year. Now, multiply that by how many windows at home or business?

If you decide to take on the installation task, just ask yourself:

  1. Do I replace the window sashes only or will it be a full-frame installation?
  2. Will I replace the entire wood window including jambs?
  3. How do I accurately measure (is it the sash, the panes, the frame);
  4. How do I protect the seal?;
  5. Insulate the frame or the cavity, or the header?;
  6. Does my process of installation void the warranty?
  7. Am I certain the replacement window has the thermal, energy, or environmental protections I need for comfort, not to mention the concern for security and safety?

There’s nothing that replaces experience, skill, and expertise. HWReplacement Pros are certified, experienced Chicago window replacement professionals, and ready to come to serve you.

wooden window installation       

Is a Professional Window Installation REALLY needed?

Here are a few of the essential checks our professionals follow:

  • Is the replacement window plumb to the frame?
  • Is it level?
  • Is it square to the opening both exterior and interior?
  • Exterior preparation and sealed caulking?
  • Interior insulation and proper sealing?
  • Is the Low–E at the right level for VT visible light transfer?
  • Radiant tested?
  • Security tested?

The window unit actually needs to “float” within the cavity to both “breath” with the home (avoiding pressure breaks due to “settling”) and to counteract the penetration of outside air or moisture/condensation.                                                 

HWReplacement Pros regularly study and undergo “hands on” training with each of the manufacture recommended installation techniques. Proper replacement assures the longest possible effectiveness of service life from your windows.

Many windows require unique, factory-coordinated tools to achieve a warrantied installation. Our professional installers have the tools, the training, the expertise, and the pride to give you the lowest cost and highest performance for each of your window replacements.


Is HWReplacement Pros The Best Chicago Window Company To Use?

Our window replacement installers are factory and manufacturer trained, located locally right here in Chicago, highly skilled and proven in the field of service, courtesy, prompt and professional in customer care and satisfaction.

Services we provide include:

free window replacement estimation


What If I Do Home Window Replacement Myself?

A tight budget can really tempt you to install your own windows. But, there are a few things you ought to consider first:


Unless you’re already doing this, there’s going to be a learning curve. Do you have the time? If you only have a single or a couple of windows, your initial installation time will not be reduced over time. If you’re installing 7 windows are more, you could cut the time lost to installation to save about 1/3 of the replacement cost, but it will take about 20 window installations to really recover your money. Yet, the first 2 windows will take you about 3 hours each (6 hours total). But, do you have that much time all at one time, or not? A professional will have it done in half the time, saving you time and money, and the work is completely done all at once.


Have you really chosen the right replacement window? Is it the best replacement? Is it the best price for the right fit and right type of window for your home or construction type?

Do you really have to pay for the more costly three pane window? Will your existing frame need reinforcement so the window doesn’t sag or the seal isn’t broken?

 DIY window installationWhat about the foam, was it expanding foam or foam fill? Make the wrong choice or no choice and your install is less than effective, maybe even worse than you had when you started. (Hint: the wrong type of expanding foam can cause pressure points that will cause real problems!)

Additional questions come up: do you have the right type of tools; do you use the old window frame; does it require a different joint compound for the type of materials you are using?

The chances are greater for you to get most of the install right, but there are steps only professionals take that assure that it is 100% right.

No voided guarantees, all warranties preserved

Can you really do the work perfectly for every window? The warranties for issues like “triple silver” low-e or High Performance low-e glass and its accompanying argon or krypton gas seals are calculated for even lower SHGC ratings. Will your work make sure you can get your money back? More importantly, can you be sure the work is completely finished? After all, what you really want is not to have to worry about it again!

What’s A Fair Chicago Window Replacement Cost?

None of us want to pay more than our neighbors pay for a similar job, right? Just like our neighbors, we want the best deal possible.

A fair cost will always be effected by these four factors:

  • Preserving the Level of Construction (not cheap, not too expensive)
  • Professional Labor
  • Quality of Materials
  • Preparation/cleanup

You can expect average pricing to cost between $185 and $515 or more per window. The most common cause for the difference in cost is the quality of the window you buy.

In fact, if you can, get as many windows replaced at the same time as possible. The costs will go down and the energy savings and sense of security will go up accordingly.

One thing is for sure, the cost of replacement windows and window installations will not be going down. You’ll end up paying more later. Get your windows replaced as soon as possible.

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